About Us

David’s Testimony

To give my testimony is to describe how good God can be to us.  I was born into a missionary family.  My parents, Wayne and Barbara Diehl, served on the field of Mexico for the first sixteen years of my life.  I was born in April and my family moved to Monterrey, Mexico in September of the same year.  Growing up on the mission field I got to see firsthand God’s protection, provision, and preparation. My young teenage years were spent on and off the mission field while my dad battled with colon cancer. In the midst of this, I was saved at the age of fourteen. In 2002, after my dad’s death, we moved to Lawrence, KS to attend the Heritage Baptist Church. I was privileged to graduate from Heritage Baptist High School in 2003.

While in college, I surrendered to missions in October of 2004. Upon completing my degree, I graduated from Heritage Baptist College in 2006. I have been serving on staff at Heritage Baptist Church and in Mercy & Truth Printing Ministries since 2006. I married Delight on August 21st, 2010. I felt the Holy Spirit calling me and my family as a missionary to Panama on October 23rd, 2013.

Delight’s Testimony

My parents are Kirkland and Raylene Smith. I and all nine of my siblings are faithfully serving the Lord.  Four of us are on our way to serve on different mission fields. My family and I came to the Heritage Baptist Church in 1993 when I was 4 years old. I accepted Christ as my Saviour on May 23, 1999 and surrendered my life to the Lord two years later on Wednesday. July 11, 2001. I felt the Holy Spirit working on my heart as a young teenager and as a result, I surrendered to go to the mission field on January 30, 2002. I graduated from Heritage Baptist College with a degree in Elementary Education in 2010. Upon college graduation I was engaged to David and that summer we were married. Two years later our little girl was born.

Through college, and now married life, missions was pushed out of my mind and I was enjoying the comforts of America. I was active in my home church with bus routes, Sunday School, choir, and helping in the college and Christian school. This past missions conference God started dealing with my husband about the mission field of Panama. Knowing God wants us on the mission field, I know the safest place for me and my family is there. I fear that if I am anywhere else that God would send harm and heartache my way and to my family.

Our Family Birthdays
David 4/14
Delight 01/03
Deborah 04/09/2013
Daniel 11/31/2014
Dawson 02/15/2016
Drew 02/06/17